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   Triplett Harps are elegant instruments with beautiful wood grains, satin finishes and bookmatched hardwood veneer soundboards. Each harp has its own unique, outstanding tone.

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Triplett Signature

    These instruments are blessed and prayed over in the making, sanding, and finishing. It is in this phase that the beauty and grain of the wood comes alive and finds its voice; and are inscribed with mantras and prayers for peace. I have found these harps to have a superb tone as well as beautiful wood graining, finish, and design.

In stock a cherry and a walnut Full Edition harps    

Harpsicle™ harps are well designed, sturdily built and have the string spacing and action which make them an excellent selection for a first time harper. Light and portable, they are also a wonderful choice for harp therapy practitioners and are recommended by many harp therapy programs. 





       Rees Shaylee $2,700                      Triplett Signature $5,000                    

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