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Just In!  Special Edition Fullsicle Harps

     Perhaps you have always wanted to play the harp? Maybe you have thought about dabbling with a harp but harps just seemed too expensive? Harpsicle™ harps are the answer for you. Harpsicle™ harps are well designed, sturdily built and have the string spacing and action which make them an excellent selection for a first time harper.

     Light and portable, they are also a wonderful choice for harp therapy practitioners and are recommended by many harp therapy programs. These simple harps have nice volume and tone. Harpsicle™ harps are well made and maintain tuning as well as any professional harp.


Walnut Special Edition Fullsicle special order

Enjoy all the same great features of the Fullsicle Harp with the upgraded look, feel, and sound of the Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp. Available in your choice of  cherry or walnut. This harp also features upgraded wound bass strings for a better feel and improved bass response. 

Walnut Special Edition Fullsicle in stock for sale

- knee bones included

Full Levers

Dimensions 36 X 21 X 5 inches
Weight: 6.4 pounds
Strings: 26 nylon and composite strings
Range: G up to C

Strap Buttons included
Price: $1,370

Case: Custom Soft Case $150

Strings with upgraded bass: $95.00


Harps are available by order, Current Harpsicle prices

Flatsicle, Sharpsicle and Fullsicle, and Special Edition Fullsicle  

 Thiese happy little harps come in flavors (colors) including: cherry (red), grape (purple), bubble gum (pink), blueberry (blue), mint (dark green), marshmallow (white), licorice (black), with almonds (gold), without almonds (silver) and maple (natural finish).

     The availability of flavors is seasonal. Included with each Harpsicle™ harp is a How to Play instruction booklet, strap buttons and a tuning wrench. 

     In light of all the jobs that are flooding out of the US and all the poorly made harps coming in from overseas, we are pleased to let you know that harps made by the Harpsicle Harp Co. are made in the United States by people who are paid a living wage, have full medical coverage and benefits. The Harpsicle Harp Co. is a tasty little division of Wm. Rees Instruments, LLC. Every Harpsicle™ harp comes with a one year warranty.

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