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Public Performances 2023

Artisan Gallery Broome County Arts Council  
M&M Harp and Flute
First Friday December 1, 6pm-8pm

 223 State Street, Binghamton , N.Y.  
Enjoy holiday harp and flute while viewing local art,  many galleries are open

Roberson Center Home for the Holidays 
M&M Harp and Flute

December 10, 1pm-3pm

 Front Street, Binghamton , N.Y.  
Enjoy holiday harp and flute while touring the Roberson Mansion decked out in Christmas decor.


Center Court Oakdale Commons (Formerly Oakdale Mall) 
December 16, 2:30pm-4:30pm

 Reno Blvd, Johnson City , N.Y.  
Enjoy holiday harp music

Cooperative Gallery 
M&M Harp and Flute
December 23, noon -1:30pm

 213 State Street, Binghamton, N.Y.  
Enjoy holiday harp and flute music

West End Art Gallery Openings
February 2024 tbd 5pm - 7pm
West  End Ave, Corning, NY
Enjoy harp music while gazing at lovely local art  



The Harps on the Susquehanna

     The Harps on the Susquehanna harp ensemble has been a dream of Meredith Kohn Bocek for several years. If the sound of one harp is lovely, then, the sound of many harps is indeed music of the heavenly spheres. This ensemble came together over a year ago and is made up of area harpists.

     Each member adds spiritual and musical dimensions to the group. It is our goal to touch and bring joy to people's lives. The ensemble will perform tunes from the British Isles as well as pieces by classical composers.


Director: Meredith Kohn Bocek

75 Glann Road

Apalachin, NY



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