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Meredith Kohn Bocek

Special Events

    Meredith currently performs as a harpist for many special occasions such as art openings, weddings, teas, and parties.The rich, soft sound of the harp adds a serene feeling to your event without competing with your conversations

    Playing the harp has been a lifelong endeavor for Meredith. She transitioned from pedal harp to lever harp (or folk harp) because of her love of the ringing timbre of the lever harps. These harps are smaller than the pedal harp and are lighter strung. Their sound may not be as full as their larger relative, but it is every bit as lovely.

   Her repertoire includes Celtic, South American, Baroque, light classical and folk music as well as contemporary ballads. She enjoys introducing the harp to audiences at coffee houses and restaurants and often speaks about the history of the harp and the pieces played. 

    Celebrate your special day with the heavenly sound of a Harp. Meredith will ensure a perfect touch to your wedding ceremony or reception. Her many years of experience provide you with an extensive repertoire for a traditional or untraditional wedding, for a ceremony in a church or the outdoors.

 You may choose your special music during an in-person consultation at her home.  Repertoire and references are available upon request.

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Therapy, Comfort, Transition.

   The harp has a soothing effect that transcends most instruments. Music therapy is used in some medical hospitals, cancer and hospice centers, schools, alcohol and drug recovery programs, psychiatric hospitals, and correctional facilities.

   Meredith is a MHTP (Music for Healing and Transition) nationally board certified therapeutic musician.  Her music intends to bring healing, comfort, and balance.  For hospice and palliative care, music can bring increased quality of life, improved pain management, mood and emotional states, and even breathing. For Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, music can increase reminiscence and cognitive skills, relaxation, self-expression, and social interaction. 




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Harp Tasting

    Taste the sound of many different models of harps, from large to small! Meredith Kohn Bocek of The Harp Studio will play various pieces on several harps and discuss the aspects of each harp.

   The harps played vary from 36 string floor models to 26 string therapy harps and 22 string travel harps. These harps are made from exotic bubinga, tiger maple, walnut, and Englemann spruce woods and are built by several different manufacturers from the South West, West Coast, and Canada. Learn about harps, meet harpists, and enjoy gastronomical delights.

    The tastings are usually held from 2PM-3PM. There will be an opportunity to play the harps during the following reception. Limited space.


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